Want Tinted Sunscreen? What To Look For In Coverage

27 July 2021
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When it comes to sunscreen, there are many ways you can apply it so you can safely and comfortably keep your skin protected. When choosing a brand of sunscreen, it is wise to move forward with an understanding of what you should have coverage-wise.

What should you look for in coverage when it comes to tinted sunscreen? First, understand that a tinted sunscreen is just that — a sunscreen that has a tint of color to it. However, tinted sunscreen goes beyond color, so use this guide to help you understand what you're ultimately looking for.

Even coverage

The right tinted sunscreen should have even coverage and not come out oily or watery. You want some color added to your skin, after all, and you shouldn't have to apply several layers of tinted sunscreen to achieve the even coverage you desire. Keep in mind, however, that a quality tinted sunscreen will still be most devoted to sun protection rather than making your skin look amazing, but when you look for quality products, make sure to choose a product that proclaims to have a semi-sheer or matte coverage.

Natural color

All tinted sunscreen options should contain a natural color so they look natural and not overly orange or pink on the skin. Choose a shade of tinted sunscreen that best matches your natural skin color. When in doubt or if you're in between tinted sunscreen colors in the brand you choose, go one step lighter in color. You'll be able to build on the tinted sunscreen color you choose and make the tinted sun protection agent work best for your actual skin tone.

Quality protection

The best tinted sunscreens will have great protection you can trust in a skincare product and will help you feel confident in protecting your skin even as you go out in the sun. Look for a tinted sunscreen that has a higher SPF and has the ability to block all the sun's rays. You're looking for UVA and UVB protection, or full-spectrum protection, when you buy tinted sunscreen.

Remember that sunscreen has to be applied regularly throughout the day in order to remain effective. If you are fair-skinned and prone to sunburns, choose a higher SPF. Your cosmetic specialist will assist you in choosing the best tinted sunscreen for your needs.

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