Eyelash Extensions: How They Can Help Your Natural Lashes

4 February 2022
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Eyelash extensions are a beauty trend that has gained in popularity, with a noticeable percentage growth every year and projected growths that indicate this is a lasting trend. Three out of four lash artists are licensed professionals that are trained as either licensed beauty technicians or estheticians, and most states require some type of licensing to do this work.

You can get eyelash extensions for the instant results of having a more defined and noticeable lash line. Once your eyelash extensions are in place, they should last for a while before having to be filled again, since the results aren't permanent.

Whether you want to try lash extensions once to see what they're like or you just want to give your natural lashes a chance to grow in and be healthy, know this: there are many ways having eyelash extensions put on your lashes can help them out. Here are just some of them.

You can go without mascara

Lash extensions are meant to be worn without mascara, which is best for both your extensions and your natural lashes. Mascara can be drying and cause breakage of your natural lashes, so giving your eyelashes a break by wearing falsies — and using the cleaning oils that are meant to nourish and protect your lashes at the same time — will help you keep your natural lashes in great condition even as you have eyelash extensions put on.

You can continue to have your lash extensions filled until your natural lashes have reached the thickness, length, or other results you desire. Always have a licensed tech do your lash extensions so you can best protect your eyes.

You can go without curling

Curling your lashes will give you dramatic results, but at the cost of your natural lashes. Eyelash extensions, especially a glamor or full set, will give you the curly and thick lashes you desire without the heat and pulling of a curling device. Your lashes will thank you when they are no longer tugged on, yanked out, or otherwise damaged via your regular lash routine.

Your eyelash extensions technician will help you learn how to take care of your lashes, whether you want to continue to get lash extensions after your initial set or you want to just have glam lashes for a few weeks. This way, you can keep your natural lashes in the best condition possible and can put your best face forward at all times.  

For more information, contact an eyelash extensions esthetician in your area.