Your Ultimate Guide To Eyebrow Threading

8 August 2019
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Eyebrow threading is one of the most effective ways to shape eyebrows. Many people have mistakenly assumed that this procedure is performed by a needle and a thread. In fact, it is a technique that utilizes a thread alone. The eyebrows are the most common area for threading, but any region of the body can be threaded. Eyebrow threading is getting more popular since it is precise, and compared to other methods, it is noticeably cheaper.

Origins of Eyebrow Threading

No one knows exactly when eyebrow threading was invented. Threading was a way for women to carefully shape their eyebrows for thousands of years. Threading was considered a rite of passage in ancient Persia. Many women opted to get their eyebrows shaped before their wedding day. Eyebrow threading is still very common in Eastern nations today.

Eyebrow Threading Procedure

A thread of cotton is cut, knotted, then looped to a comfortable size for the threader. Every finger on the hand but the index finger is placed inside the loop. Then the thread is twisted into a bow tie many times. After that, the middle of the folded region is placed on the unwanted eyebrow hair. The hair is grabbed and twisted in the reverse direction of hair growth. Repeatedly making these motions will shape and accurately strip hair.

Eyebrow Threading Tips

Eyebrow threading can be a bit painful at first. The rapid pulling of the eyebrow hair can cause some discomfort. It is recommended that a small amount of cream be placed before and after removal in the threaded area to help soothe any pain. Yet, many dermatologists suggest eyebrow threading, as it is more gentle on the skin. A trained practitioner will be able to remove hair with minimal pain and injury.

If you're used to a more cultivated brow style or looking for some extra pampering in the arch region, eyebrow threading is a fantastic natural hair removal alternative. Eyebrow threading, with its roots in ancient Asian civilizations, is the streamlined procedure that is often believed to be one of the mildest options for brow shaping. Eyebrow threading has been around for centuries but is now being used by people all over the world. Many westerners have tried this method now and have found it to be very effective. You can find a salon or professional to help reshape your brows and bring out the beauty of your eyes.