Combat Breakouts By Revamping Your Skincare Routine

12 February 2018
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If you attend a local community college and are enrolled in an athletic program, your skin may be prone to breakouts if you sweat profusely and often apply cosmetics to your face without taking the time to wash your face with a gentle cleanser or if you are using products that contain irritants, such as chemicals or dyes. If your appearance is getting you down and you would like to revamp your skincare routine, use the strategies below.

Remain Hydrated And Eat A Wholesome Diet

You may already be aware that what you put into your body can have a tremendous effect on the condition of your skin. If you eat a diet that consists of processed foods laden with oil or if you drink a lot of carbonated beverages, you are doing your skin a disservice and may be increasing the likelihood of experiencing a breakout. Opt for a meal plan that consists of protein-rich foods that do not contain additives.

Fresh slices of fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of poultry and pork, and snacks that are high in fiber are good choices to pick Remain hydrated by drinking water on a consistent basis. After consuming a healthy diet on a routine basis, your skin may begin to take on a more radiant appearance and blemishes may not be as prominent as they once were. 

Follow A Face Cleaning Ritual Each Day

If you follow a hectic schedule and do not have a lot of time to devote to the care of your skin, you can still improve the condition of your skin by following a basic skin cleaning ritual each day. Pack a bag of essentials, including a skin cleanser that does not contain irritants, moist towelettes that are designed to remove oil from facial skin, a soft cloth that can be used to wipe your face off after washing it, and a dry, clean towel.

If there is a locker room that you utilize after practices or sporting events, set aside a few minutes to wash your face. Use a damp, warm cloth to moisten your face and clean your skin with a small amount of a skin cleanser. Pat your skin dry when finished. On occasions that prevent you from properly cleaning your skin, use a moist towelette to remove oil from your face that remains after sweating profusely. 

Apply A Hypoallergenic Concealer And Sunscreen To Your Face

It is best to forego applying a lot of cosmetics to your face until your skin clears up. On days that you do not have any social obligations, give your skin a break by skipping the application of cosmetics altogether.

On days that you are required to attend class or social functions, conceal blemishes with a hypoallergenic concealer. If you are concerned about sun exposure, use a concealer that contains sunscreen or purchase a hypoallergenic sunscreen and apply a light coating of it over the concealer.

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